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Big Little Women (Switzerland, Egypt) Doc feature

Three generations of women rebel against patriarchal prohibitions.

In this cinematic letter, Swiss-Egyptian film director Nadia Fares

pays tribute to her father, "a cool patriarch" as she recounts 75 years

of women's struggles both in Egypt, her father's country and in

Switzerland, her mother's country. She explores the impact of

patriarchal traditions in the East and the West, revealing them

as mirror images.

Produced by Luna films, Switzerland in co-production with AfterAll Films Cairo, Egypt 2022

Swiss Storys in L.A.

Following a bodyguard, a student, an artist, an architect and a dance teacher, the series captures the "behind the scenes" of the City of Angels. 


Produced by RTS, SRF, RSI  & Framevox 2019

5x42 min

Developed by AfterAll Films 2018/1019 


Diplomatic Corps


The favorite son of an Egyptian diplomat living in NYC can no longer deny his homosexuality, even though being gay is against the law in his country and will destroy his family.



AfterAll Films is based in Geneva and is active in development and production for Motion Pictures, TV movies, TV Series, Documentaries and Shorts. The company has produced in Switzerland, the U.S., France, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and Egypt. Several Films have won prestigious awards. 


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