Letter to my father


Director: Nadia Fares

Nadia Fares

Producer: Agnès Boutruche, Framevox, ARTE, RTS

Executive Producer:

Nadia Fares, AfterAll Films



Screenwriter: Nadia Fares

Nadia Fares

Shooting Begins: Mai 2018

Oct 2016

Genre:Doc cinema

Feature Film Drama















"Letter to my father" tells the story of womanhood, rebellion and courage in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.

The letter navigates between  Orient and Occident, between my personal story and  Nawal Al Saadawi, 87, psychiatrist, writer and women rights activist and her legacy to the new generation of women in Cairo today.

















Apprendre la Suisse



Nadia Fares


Agnès Boutruche, Framevox



Nadia Fares

Shooting Begins:

August  2020



Doc TV-Series




 A TV-doc Series who follows three young protagonists in their new      lifes in another culture. They go to Swiss Schools in Bogota,        Singapour and Rome. How do these young Swiss identify with their  new life?